About ATC

Welcome to the Applied Technology Council (ATC) web site store and library!

Here at ATC, we are busier than ever on a broad range of projects and activities to develop state-of-the-art structural engineering applications and resources for mitigating the effects of natural and other hazards on the built environment. All of our projects are being carried out by leading design practitioners and researchers from around the nation (all engaged as consultants to ATC, or our joint venture partner), with fund raising, management, quality control, and contract administration the responsibility of ATC’s very capable staff of executive managers, technical and administrative staff, and IT professionals.

Here at our online store, all of ATC’s available products can be purchased. The store has been organized in a hierarchy that relates, at the root level, to broad hazard mitigation topics and traditional ATC project development areas. In most instances, the root-level topics are further subdivided into topic areas organized around specific structure types (e.g., buildings, bridges), lines of work in a typical structural engineering office, or other themes. Available products include (1) traditional ATC reports (those with an ATC logo and ATC number on the cover in typical ATC report cover format), (2) reports prepared in partnership with other organizations (e.g., reports prepared and published by the SAC Joint Venture1, by the ATC-SEAOC Joint Venture2, and jointly by ATC and MCEER3), and (3) reports prepared by ATC but published by the funding agency (e.g., by FEMA4, NIST5, or the USGS6). Reports in the latter category are often available free of charge from the funding agency, but are made available through the ATC Online Store as a service to the profession, in which case a small service charge applies. Reports that can also be downloaded free of charge are also available for purchase in bound printed format, a product format option that many users of ATC reports prefer.

Subscriptions for ATC reports can also be purchased through the ATC Online Store. Subscription categories are: Individual domestic, Individual Foreign, and Corporate.

The ATC Online Store also contains information on shipping policy and procedures, including shipment schedules, vendors, return policy, and other matters.

You can read more about your organization on our main website at www.atcouncil.org.

Footnotes:1 A partnership of the Structural Engineers Association of California, the Applied Technology Council, and California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering; 2 A partnership of the Applied Technology Council and the Structural Engineers Association of California; 3 Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research; 4Federal Emergency Management Agency; 5 National Institute of Standards and Technology; 6 U.S. Geological Survey