SAC Steel Project, Background Documents

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The SAC_CD01-03, SAC Steel Project, Background Documents, is a three-zip USB set contains the following 66 background documents, SAC/BD-96/01 through SAC/BD-00/30 in PDF format:

  1. SAC/BD-96/01, Selected Results from the SAC Phase 1 Beam-Column Connection Pre-Test Analyses
  2. SAC/BD-96/03, Selected Documents from the U.S.-Japan Workshop on Steel Fracture Issues
  3. SAC/BD-96/04, Survey of Computer Programs for the Analysis of Steel Moment Frame Structures
  4. SAC/BD-97/01, Through-Thickness Properties of Structural Steels
  5. SAC/BD-97/02, Protocol for Fabrication, Inspection, Testing and Documentation of Beam-Column Connection Tests and Other Experimental Specimens
  6. SAC/BD-97/03, Proposed Statistical and Reliability Framework for Comparing and Evaluating Predictive Models for Evaluation and Design, and Critical Issues in Developing Such Framework
  7. SAC/BD-97/04, Development of Ground Motion Time Histories for Phase 2 of the FEMA/SAC Steel Project
  8. SAC/BD-97/05, Finite Element Fracture Mechanics Investigation of Welded Beam-Column Connections
  9. SAC/BD-98/01, Strength and Ductility of FR Welded-Bolted Connections
  10. SAC/BD-98/02, Effects of Strain Hardening and Strain Aging on the K-Region of Structural Shapes
  11. SAC/BD-98/03, Implementation Issues for Improved Seismic Design Criteria: Report on the Social, Economic, Policy and Political Issues Workshop
  12. SAC/BD-99/01, Parametric Study on the Effect of Ground Motion Intensity and Dynamic Characteristics on Seismic Demands in Steel Moment Resisting Frames
  13. SAC/BD-99/01A, Appendix to: Parametric Study on the Effect of Ground Motion Intensity and Dynamic Characteristics on Seismic Demands in Steel Moment Resisting Frames
  14. SAC/BD-99/02, Through-Thickness Strength and Ductility of Column Flanges in Moment Connections
  15. SAC/BD-99/03, The Effects of Connection Fractures on Steel Moment Resisting Frame Seismic Demands and Safety
  16. SAC/BD-99/04, Effects of Strength/Toughness Mismatch on Structural and Fracture Behaviors in Weldments
  17. SAC/BD-99/05, Assessment of the Reliability of Available NDE Methods for Welded Joints and the Development of UT Procedures
  18. SAC/BD-99/06, Prediction of Seismic Demands for SMRFs with Ductile Connections and Elements
  19. SAC/BD-99/07, Characterization of the Material Properties of Rolled Sections
  20. SAC/BD-99/08, Study of the Material Properties of the Web-Flange Intersection of Rolled Shapes
  21. SAC/BD-99/09, Investigation of Damage to WSMF by Earthquakes Other Than Northridge
  22. SAC/BD-99/10, Clarifying the Extent of Northridge-Induced Weld Fracturing, Examining the Related Issue of UT Reliability
  23. SAC/BD-99/11, The Impact of Earthquakes on Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Experience in Past Earthquakes
  24. SAC/BD-99/12, Assessment of the Benefits of Implementing the New Seismic Design Criteria and Inspection Procedures
  25. SAC/BD-99/13, Earthquake Loss Estimation Methods for WSMF Buildings
  26. SAC/BD-99/14, Simplified Loss Estimation for Pre-Northridge WSMF Buildings
  27. SAC/BD-99/15, Integrative Analytical Investigations on the Fracture Behavior of Welded Moment Resisting Connections
  28. SAC/BD-99/16, Seismic Performance of 3 and 9 Story Partially Restrained Moment Frame Buildings
  29. SAC/BD-99/17, Effects of Partially Restrained Connection Stiffness and Strength on Frame Seismic Performance
  30. SAC/BD-99/18, Effects of Hysteretic Deterioration Characteristics on Seismic Response of Moment Resisting Steel Structures
  31. SAC/BD-99/19, Cyclic Instability of Steel Moment Connections with Reduced Beam Sections
  32. SAC/BD-99/20, Local and Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Wide-Flange Beams
  33. SAC/BD-99/21, Elastic Models for Predicting Building Performance
  34. SAC/BD-99/22, Reliability-Based Seismic Performance Evaluation of Steel Frame Buildings Using Nonlinear Static Analysis Methods
  35. SAC/BD-99/23, Failure Analysis of Welded Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Connections Parts I and II
  36. SAC/BD-99/24, Weld Acceptance Criteria for Seismically-Loaded Welded Connections
  37. SAC/BD-00/01, Parametric Tests on Unreinforced Connections Volume I - Final Report
  38. SAC/BD-00/01A, Parametric Tests on Unreinforced Connections Volume II - Appendices
  39. SAC/BD-00/02, Parametric Tests on the Free Flange Connections
  40. SAC/BD-00/03, Cyclic Tests on Simple Connections, Including Effects of the Slab
  41. SAC/BD-00/04, Tests on Bolted Connections Part I: Technical Report
  42. SAC/BD-00/04A, Tests on Bolted Connections Part II: Appendices
  43. SAC/BD-00/05, Bolted Flange Plate Connections
  44. SAC/BD-00/06, Round-Robin Testing of Ultrasonic Testing Technicians
  45. SAC/BD-00/07, Dynamic Tension Tests of Simulated Welded Beam Flange Connections
  46. SAC/BD-00/09, Benchmarking of Analysis Programs for SMRF System Performance Studies
  47. SAC/BD-00/10, Loading Histories for Seismic Performance Testing of SMRF Components and Assemblies
  48. SAC/BD-00/12, Evaluation of the Effect of Welding Procedure on the Mechanical Properties of FCAW-S and SMAW Weld Metal Used in the Construction of Seismic Moment Frames
  49. SAC/BD-00/13, Preliminary Evaluation of Heat Affected Zone Toughness in Structural Shapes Used in the Construction of Seismic Moment Frames
  50. SAC/BD-00/14, Evaluation of Mechanical Properties in Full-Scale Connections and Recommended Minimum Weld Toughness for Moment Resisting Frames
  51. SAC/BD-00/15, Simplified Design Models for Predicting the Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Frame Connections
  52. SAC/BD-00/16, SAC Phase 2 Test Plan
  53. SAC/BD-00/17, Behavior and Design of Radius Cut Reduced Beam Section Connections
  54. SAC/BD-00/18, Test of a Free Flange Connection with a Composite Floor Slab
  55. SAC/BD-00/19, Cyclic Testing of a Free Flange Moment Connection
  56. SAC/BD-00/20, Improvement of Welded Connections Using Fracture Tough Overlays
  57. SAC/BD-00/21, Cyclic Testing of Bolted Moment End-Plate Connections
  58. SAC/BD-00/22, Cyclic Response of RBS Moment Connections: Loading Sequence and Lateral Bracing Effects
  59. SAC/BD-00/23, Cyclic Response of RBS Moment Connections: Weak-Axis Configuration and Deep Column Effects
  60. SAC/BD-00/24, Development and Evaluation of Improved Details for Ductile Welded Unreinforced Flange Connections
  61. SAC/BD-00/25, Performance Prediction and Evaluation of Steel Special Moment Frames for Seismic Loads
  62. SAC/BD-00/26, Performance Prediction and Evaluation of Low Ductility Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Loads
  63. SAC/BD-00/27, Cover-Plate and Flange-Plate Reinforced Steel Moment-Resisting Connections
  64. SAC/BD-00/28, Failure of a Column K-Area Fracture
  65. SAC/BD-00/29, Inspection Technology Workshop
  66. SAC/BD-00/30, Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of the Northridge Earthquake on Construction Costs of Steel Moment Frame Buildings

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