Soil-Structure Interaction for Building Structures

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Task Order 10 (ATC-83 Project), Improved Procedures for Characterizing and Modeling Soil-Structure Interaction for Performance-Based Seismic Engineering. The primary objective of this task is to develop guidance for implementing soil-structure interaction in response history analyses, such that input ground motions accurately reflect both site geotechnical conditions and foundation impedance associated with the building under consideration. The project should also identify areas of research that are needed to further improve the guidance that is developed.

This task has been completed and produced the NIST GCR 12-917-21 report, Soil-Structure Interaction for Building Structures, which may be ordered here in hard (printed) copy format.

ATC-83 Intro (ATC-83-TitlePageContentsIntro.pdf, 497 Kb) [Download]