FEMA P-58-2, Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings, Volume 2 - Implementation Guide

ATC-58, Volume 2
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The ATC-58 (FEMA P-58 V2) project completed the development of a methodology for seismic performance assessment of individual buildings in September 2012. 

The provided volumes together describe the resulting methodology, as well as the development of basic building information, response quantities, fragilities, and consequence data used as inputs to the methodology. To allow practical implementation of the methodology, work included the collection of fragility and consequence data for most common structural systems and building occupancies, and the development of an electronic Performance Assesment Calculation Tool (PACT) for performing the probabilistic computations and accumulation of losses.

FEMA P-58, Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings, Methodology and Implementation has been organized into three volumes, as follows:
Volume 2 - Implementation Guide provides guidance on implementing a seismic performance assessment us in the methodology and provides specific instructions on how to assemble and prepare input data necessary for PACT. Readers are cautioned to use this document in conjunction with Volume 1, and not to place complete reliance on Volume 2 alone for guidance on executing the methodology.
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