Preliminary Evaluation of Methods for Defining Performance

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The ATC-58-2 report, Preliminary Evaluation of Methods for Defining Performance, was funded by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). (Published 2003, 99 pages)

ABSTRACT: This Product One Report, which describes the results from one of the initial ATC-58 project activities, is based, in part, on the findings from the ATC-58 Workshop on Communicating Earthquake Risk, which was held in June 2002. This workshop brought together a group of building owners, building users, regulators, underwriters, and financiers with a stake and interest in the successful development and implementation of performance-based seismic design, as well as broader applications of performance-based design technologies. These stakeholders were involved to assist the project team in understanding aspects of seismic risk that are important to this stakeholder community, and that should be directly addressed by performance-based design procedures. The workshop was considered to be the initial effort in the performance of Task 1.2 of the FEMA-349 Action Plan.

Based on the input obtained at the workshop, the next task, which corresponds to Task 2.2.1 of the FEMA-349 Action Plan, was to develop recommendations for the characterization of performance. This report summarizes initial project activities pertaining to that task.

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