Recommendations for Improved Seismic Performance of Nonstructural Components

ATC-120 Phase 2
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Task Order 39 (ATC-120 Project), Seismic Analysis, Design, and Installation of Nonstructural Components and Systems – Background and Recommendations for Future Work. NIST, through the ATC-120 Project, sponsored a detailed investigation into the basis of nonstructural seismic design provisions, and the development of recommended improvements with the largest impact to public safety and economic welfare. This research resulted in a consensus-based set of nonstructural performance objectives, recommended improvements to nonstructural code provisions, and recommendations for the development and use of floor response spectra in seismic design of nonstructural components and systems.

This task has been completed and produced the NIST GCR 18-917-43 report which may be ordered here in hard (printed) copy format. Phase 1 of this task produced the NIST GCR 17-917-44 report which is also available in hard copy via the ATC Online Store.

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